The New Covenant
 The New Era

The New Covenant

To lay down your life for your beliefs.
We will not fight evil with evil.
We will not shed blood for blood.
We will always strive to remain in 
the spirit of the almighty God, 
that of unconditional love 
for all human beings, 
for all beings, 
for all things.
With faith may this be done.

This book is divided into four sections + appendix: 
Section 1 - The Choice to Love (2004)
Section 2 - Jesus of Nazareth and The Kingdom of God (Sept 2009) 
Section 3 - Unfiltered - Progressive Revelation (Oct, Nov 2009)
Section 4 - Justice and The Nature of Reality (2010)

Section 1  - The Choice to Love (2004)

In any given society through space and time, as technology increases:
size of household units decrease
size of settlements (political units) increase
dependence upon household units decreases
dependence upon political units increases

When the necessity of the unity of the household dissipates, so does the unity of the household
We rather live alone with choice, than unified with others with less choice
Back when only one neighbor had a TV, we watched TV together. Now that everyone has their own, we watch separately

There are 2 Fundamental Spiritual Forces: Love and Free-Will
Restrictors: Love without Free-will
Rebels: Free-Will without Love
Republicans: Economic Rebels, Moral Restrictors
Democrats: Economic Restrictors, Moral Rebels

The pattern of development of Humanity mirrors the pattern of development of one human being
We are in an adolescent stage of development
Love without Free-Will is not Love
Free-Will without Love is not Free-Will

Nobody wants to suffer
We will suffer unless we unify Love and Free-Will
Don't force what is not.  Don't Restrict what is.  Be what is. 

Free-Will = Love = True Freedom

Our Economic, Political, and Social Systems are a reflection of our own states of being
In order to change the system, we must change ourselves (not the other way around)

We live in duality - Religion (love) vs. Politics (freedom) - Politicization of Religion 
We believe in War. We believe in incarceration of social deviants. You can't serve two masters.

We only have one human right: The right to chose to love. This is our only inherent right.
All other rights we think we are entitled to debilitate our spiritual development.

Perfect Competition is a contradiction because competition leads to concentration of power of one group over another - monopolies
Competition brews division which brews inefficiencies
Cooperation is the only force that can sustain perfect market prices in any given market at all times
Cooperation brews unity which brews efficiencies
Outside Word = Inside World
What we do to others, we do to ourselves. What we do to ourselves, we do to others. 
Justice already exists, always, everywhere

Ideology is a servant to Experience
Fundamentalism - Ideology that forgets experience
Truth lies in experience not ideology

Ride the roller coaster, don't just watch it. (Ideology vs. Experience)

Seek knowledge - Become the Tree and you will be Free

Section 2 - Jesus of Nazareth and The Kingdom of God (Sept 2009)
Scripture taken from the New King James Version. Copyright © 1979, 1980, 1982
by Thomas Nelson, Inc. Used by permission. All rights reserved

Part 1: What is it?
I. God is within. God is Spirit. God is Truth.
II. What does God want? 
A. To Bring the Kingdom of God to Earth
B. Loyalty - One God. One Kingdom
III. Jesus of Nazareth
A. Jesus, the Son, becomes one with God, the Father
B. Jesus, the Son, does the will of God, the Father
C. Jesus come to fulfill the law of God on Earth

I. The Supreme Law
II. What is Love?
A. Humility and service
a) Humble like children
B. Do good to all
C. Do good to those most in need, without expectation of receiving back
D. Spirit of Giving 
a) Give will all that you have
b) When giving, it is the spirit that counts
E. Do good to those who do bad to you/Non-Violence
F. Forgiveness
G. Don't Judge others
a) Don't be jealous 
H. Marriage and lust
I. Be truthful
J. Be faithful even to what is least
K. Love much, even if you sin much
L. Mercy and not sacrifice

Part 2: What are we to do?
I. Believe in the Gospel
II. Repent
III. Become born again of the Spirit
IV. God gives us the Holy Spirit = Spirit of Truth = Helper
V. Become one with Jesus and God

I. Go to the law with everything that you have
II. Don't worry about your life, seek first the kingdom of God
III. Deny yourself, and come to Me
IV. Hear and do commandments - Build strong foundation
V. Actions count more than words
VI. Don't tempt the Lord, expect Him to save you

I. Bear Fruit
A. Known by your fruits/works
B. Who much is given, more will be required
II. Show your light

I. Teach
II. Joy in heaven over sinners who repent. Those who are well don't need a physician
III. God's word brings division to Man's world
IV. What to expect from man
V. When teaching

Part 3: The Promises
I. The promise of Faith
II. Faith before works
III. No faith, no works
IV. Faith and Fasting
V. Faith and Compassion

I. For those who believe in Jesus and the Father - Eternal Life
A. Bread and Water
B. Light
C. Freedom
II. For those who follow the kingdom and its righteousness
A. Peace
B. Joy
C. Protection and Glory
III. For those who keep the commandments
A. For those who are humble
B. For those who do good in secret
C. For those who have mercy/forgive
D. For those who give their life for the gospel's sake
E. For those who bear fruit

Section 3 - Unfiltered - Progressive Revelation (Oct, Nov 2009)

Scattered writings on justice, suffering, control, consciousness, unconsciousness, faith, joy, ego

Salvation/Condemnation - Individual
Suffering - Individual and Collective (since we are all ONE)
God's eternal mercy protects the innocent and the sinners through unconsciousness.
Sin is based in lack of knowledge/consciousness.
Humanity's cycle of spiritual development moves from unconsciousness to consciousness and then consciously back to unconsciousness.
Control is the enemy. Humility is our friend. 
As individuals begin to give up control, so will the macro structures, eventually becoming completely decentralized.
Battle of Good vs. Evil - Institutions will be on the side of evil, where means justify ends. Good will fight without arms, with the word of God.
1000 year reign of Christ will begin and the cycle will be reversed, which will culminate in our victory over time and become eternal.
Repentance and forgiveness are one and the same for they raise our consciousness to see what really happened.

 America is the last attempt at freedom through force.
Repentance, Remission of Sin, Forgiveness
God is a just God and God is always. There is no seeking of justice. We seek the perception of God's justice by submitting to God.
Battle of Good vs. Evil: Control and Force vs. Humility and Love.

Humility and work are bound to each other.
The humble worker vs. the comfortable, arrogant, and self-righteous.

The creation of time creates space, which creates division. We need to defeat time by consciously returning to our initial timeless state
The will to power is nothing more than the will for unity without the knowledge. This is why evil must be loved.
The sinner always remains innocent and powerless and unconscious and obsessed with control over time/space out of love, not hate.
Only love exists. God is love. Everything stems from love and is because of love. Love is the means and the end.
The righteous are rewarded for being able to witness in consciousness the great love of the sinners.
When we look out we are truly looking in and when we look in we begin to see what is really out there.

Love is not obedience. Love is love. Love is obedience to the one and only God. Obedience to love is the one and only way.
Evil will never bow to condemnation. Evil will only bow to unconditional love since this is who they truly are.
Lucifer will be the last to fall to the everlasting glory of unconditional love.
Christ's 1000 year reign will begin when the true gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ is established. That of unconditional love.
We shall even be so humble and meek that we shall love Lucifer with unconditional love, for this is ultimate obedience to God.
All things begin in unconditional love and all things are a manifestation of unconditional love.
In God we are one and in God we will remain forever as one family.
Baptism is performed in the womb of every mother. All are baptized in the eternal love of Jesus Christ.
Coming together of body and spirit of the resurrection is when the reign of Christ will culminate in the union of body and spirit through light.

To lay down your life for your beliefs.
We will not fight evil with evil.
We will not shed blood for blood.
We will always strive to remain in
the spirit of the almighty God,
that of unconditional love
for all human beings,
for all beings,
for all things.
With faith may this be done.

Section 4 - Justice and The Nature of Reality (2010)

is the whole of everything which is unconditional love

the individual soul

God teaches the individual soul to become like God via the physical realm of time and space

To consciously return to the unity of the unconscious whole, which is unconditional love, which will intern make us creators ourselves
The objective is the means and The means is the objective

Stems from being in unconsciousness

The conscious manifestation that attempts to fulfill our unconscious desire to return to the unconscious whole 

What you do to the outside you do to the inside.
Justice is both a teacher and a protector - teaches the soul what is real, protects the innocent from destruction through unconsciousness.
The mercy and justice of God interact through conscious and unconscious states of being.
It is our ability to perceive the unconscious goodness in everyone that will set us free and allow us to reverse the spirit of a culture.
Some are coming (unconscious moving into consciousness), Some are going (consciousness moving into unconsciousness).
The soul can never be destroyed - The unconscious love of the soul is always a shield for conscious evil.
The problem - since humans don't perceive God's justice, they want to impose justice on earth themselves.

Everything that we look at outside is actually a reflection of what is inside.
As we look inside, we will see the eternal in ourselves and give unconditionally to the outside, which is the process of unity and creation.  

Faith is the complete giving of oneself to the creator. 

The soul has no characteristics that a physical body has. 
You are not your body. You are not a man nor a woman nor ugly nor beautiful nor even a human being. You learn to be all these things.
Our only true identity is the nature of our soul, which is unconditional love.

I predict that eventually human beings will begin to engage in intimate relationships consisting of 3 or more individuals.
This higher level of cooperation, from 2 to 3, will reflect on all of our social, political, and economic organizations.
Once decentralization gains momentum, we will eventually merge our work with our leisure.
In order for this to happen, we have to master the spiritual realities that will allow us to free ourselves from ourselves.
The macro units can't get any bigger and the micro units can't get any smaller. We will be forced to change as a specie or else not survive.

We live within a dimension which possesses many of the same characteristics of a black hole.
Somehow, it seems that love will be the only way out of this dimension.
The relativity of dimensions depends on your state of being, your perception, which creates the physical laws around you.
It seems that faith and love act independently of the laws of this dimension.
Love will take us from our lonely relative world, to the communal absolute unity of the whole.
When your perspective is closer to the reality of the unconscious then it is not isolated and becomes unified with others.


 No rational human being can believe that Tower 7 fell the way it did without some other type of intervention.
The more outrageous the act of deception, the easier the deception, since the more outrageous become the implications of the act.
People believe and then see. They don't see and then believe.
Most people have an ingrained belief against the implications of a 9/11 inside job, and therefore, don't see it, or choose not to see it.
My intention is not to stir up the people against the gov't, for what is the gov't but a reflection of our very own spirit as a people?
I invite us all to look into ourselves and re-examine our world-view, our beliefs about politics, religion, and culture.

 What we stand for today, in face of what the world wants to give us, is not hate, is not tyranny, what we stand up for today is compassion.
A new day is upon us. This new day is a day of defiance, because we have been given choice above all things.
You can never take what we will always give you, that is our compassion and our love.

 Every institution has the objective of growth, or at least viability (survival), which is in direct correlation with the will to power, root of all evil.
If one's objective is survival, then ultimately one will always end up with the need for absolute power, absolute control, and absolute safety.
Human beings are intrinsically bound by the objectives and characteristics of the soul, which is ultimately, unconditional love.
Growth/Sustainability/Viability vs. Unconditional Love/Service to others.
It is in the defining decisions, on the edge of truth, where one defines who one will ultimately serve... mammon or God.
We must make the choice to be willing to surrender our viability in the name of the ultimate intention, which is unconditional love.
It is the summation of complex specialized tasks that creates the will of the institution. Nobody is responsible.
The will to power is always thinking that it is striving for survival, because it is actually trying to survive.. it is slowly dying.
The purpose of nature is not survival, but connection.
The institution can never surrender its power and will to God, since the institution has no soul and is not part of a larger organism.
Every institution fails because no institution can sustain an idea that is larger than itself.
The robots that we feared from science fiction movies are already here in the form of institutions.
What will eventually happen in the new era is the dissolution of the institutions of humankind.
There is nothing of worth that an institution can do more effectively than an individual or group of individuals.
We don't want to survive. We want to live. We want to love.
It is the unconditional nature of love which grants freedom, the more unconditional our love becomes, the more we move into freedom

Truly efficient and effective technology is the technology of God, which is clearly seen everywhere in nature.
Only in the creator and our submission to our creator will we be exposed to the technology of nature and its true secrets.
Correct means leads to correct ends.

In the world of the new era, you must make a choice between violence and non-violence. There is no in-between.
There is no room for any type of power structure in this world-view because you can't have other people do your dirty work for you.
We must do our small part and leave the rest to God.

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